I worked on two competitions and one exhibition, making models that helped to bring about wins. The model of Giovanni’s Michelucci’s church was one of several in the exhibition Fabrications which took place in Wooster Hall at the University of California Berkeley in April 2008. Numerous late night charettes at Ball-Nogues studio in Echo Park drove the development of the 1/4″scale model of a summer pavilion for the MOMA PSI competition in 2007. I laser cut the film gel pieces and help assemble the model (far left) ¬†which won the competition and was featured in the New York Times March 24, 2007. I helped build the model for our teams entry for the winning Studio Max Garden studio competition in 2006. The competition was held to foster and sustain the integrity and identity of Schindler House since it was believed that surrounding new multistory structures were beginning to dwarf it and make it disappear.

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